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Hi there! My name is Hannah. I am a stay-at-home-mom of 2 boys, Hunter and Zayne, and have been married for 13 years.

My husband was in the Air Force so we got married during my Senior year of high school then a month after graduation we moved to Japan! Three years after that we moved to Texas for 2 years. My husband then separated from the Air Force and we now call O'Fallon, Illinois our home! He continues to work for the government - as a civilian this time!


I first heard of Scentsy when we moved back to the States in 2007. Previously, I was obsessed with candles. So much, in fact, that my husband gave me a monthly "candle allowance" because otherwise I would buy too much! Once I got my first Scentsy warmer I fell in love! I haven't used a candle since! Fast forward to Halloween 2011. We were trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and a lady not too far from our house handed me a "mommy packet". It contained some candy, Scentsy samples and a catalog! I was SO excited to find a consultant so close to me! I started begging my husband to let me join. Finally, in February 2012, he signed me up as a Valentine's Day gift! How awesome is that?! Oh, and that lady? She's my sponsor and Director now!


Thanks to my hardworking husband, I have been able to stay at home and raise our children. Scentsy also gives me the opportunity to work from home, set my own hours and still continue to be the same Mom I strive to be! Having 2 young boys around the house, I am grateful we have Scentsy! I don't have to worry about an open flame catching their attention. My oldest son has Asthma too so I am thankful there is no soot flying around the house for him to breathe in.


I am so blessed to have this opportunity! I hope YOU enjoy Scentsy as much as I do!

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Thank you so much,
Hannah Goff